Shaman from Yakutia who went to Moscow to “exorcise Putin” recognized insane

Shaman from Yakutia who went to Moscow to “exorcise Putin” recognized insane
Alexander Gabyshev

The FSB officers accompanied Alexander Gabyshev to a neuropsychiatric dispensary on September 20.

The Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who was going to Moscow to “exorcise Putin,” was recognized insane. Lawyer of the Pravozaschita Otkrytki Olga Timofeeva, who represents Gabyshev, was informed about this at the FSB investigative department for Yakutia. “We will familiarize ourselves with the conclusion on Saturday, and we will conduct our examination with independent experts, including from Moscow, within the next week. We believe that it is impossible to make a reliable and comprehensive conclusion about the defendant’s sanity using an outpatient examination and within such short time” Timofeeva said.

It is to be recalled that Alexander Gabyshev was taken to a neuropsychiatric dispensary on September 20, accompanied by FSB officers. There he was forced to sign a voluntary examination agreement. Later, the Yakut shaman withdrew his consent to the examination. Gabyshev’s lawyers were initially informed that there was no shaman in the dispensary.

A graduate of the history faculty of Yakutsk State University, 50-year-old Alexander Gabyshev declared himself a warrior shaman this spring and in March headed to Moscow on foot aiming to “exorcise Putin.” He was detained on September 19 at the border of Buryatia and the Irkutsk Region. Gabyshev was sent by plane to Yakutsk, and a criminal case was initiated against him for public appeals for extremist activities (part 1 of Article 280 CCRF). Initially, it was reported that Gabyshev underwent a psychiatric examination and was declared sane.

The shaman was left on his own recognizance. In Yakutsk, a video was recorded with him, on which Gabyshev said that he was fine, had “no complaints to the authorities,” and asked his supporters to suspend his campaign in Moscow. Later, information transpired that pressure was exerted on the man.

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