Shaltay-Boltay members made a plea bargain

Shaltay-Boltay members made a plea bargain
Vladimir Anikeev in court

Two defendants in the case of the scandalous hacker group Shaltay-Boltay, Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis) and Konstantin Teplyakov have filed petitions for the conclusion of pre-trial agreements.

According to Rosbalt, the defendants will file the petitions in March, in connection with which the investigation against them will be completed in April.

The main investigative actions against Anikeev and Teplyakov have been completed, as reported by an agency's source informed knowledgeable on the FSB investigation.

Now the investigation only needs to receive the results of forensic and psychiatric examination of the accused, after which the final indictment will be brought against them.

Vladimir Anikeev acknowledged his guilt and began to cooperate with the investigation in early February. After a while, Konstantin Teplyakov did the same.

On March 3, the court extended detention for the group leader Vladimir Anikeev until May 8. The following day it became known that his lawyer Ruslan Koblev intended to appeal the court's decision. To persuade the court to release Anikeev under house arrest, the lawyer company, which is defending the latter, has offered Anikeev a position of information security consultant. In addition, he would be given an apartment in Moscow, where he would stay under house arrest.

Let us recall that in the criminal case of Shaltay-Boltay members there is only one official episode, namely the hacking of email of Sberbank's former Top Manager Evgeny Kislyakov, although it was previously reported that the group had been stealing personal data from the electronic mailboxes of prominent politicians and businessmen for several years. According to investigation, Shaltay-Boltay members would collect dirt on potential victims of blackmail, and then demand a repayment. If the latter refused to pay, hackers would sell the stolen data via Internet auctions.



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