Shaltay-Boltay hacker: I don’t really care about technologies! Someone’s framed me

Shaltay-Boltay hacker: I don’t really care about technologies! Someone’s framed me
Aleksandr Filinov

Aleksandr Filinov used to work as a technical assistant at MTS (the largest network provider in Russia).

Aleksandr Filinov, one of the alleged Shaltay Boltay hackers, claims he has nothing to do with the group. The suspect said he had no programming skills whatsoever, while standing before the court that was considering the extension of Filinov’s custody.

"I don’t really care about technologies! Both my major and my hobby are radio electronics, sound engineering, and music. I’m not nearly as qualified as someone who could do that”, RNS quoted Filinov.

The defendant’s attorney claimed that his client, who is accused of illegal access to computer information, had worked as a technical assistant at Mobile TeleSystems (MTS). He got laid off before getting the charges.

The defense also argued that all the evidence against Filinov was circumstantial. According to the lawyer, Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis, the hacker group leader) keeps giving in everyone he knows and framing some in order to avoid the severe punishment.

The attorney also said that Filinov was charged with one count that is hacking of an email belonging to an official, whose name has been withheld. The suspect denies all the charges.

In addition, as it was announced at the hearing, law enforcers had found a gas pistol and cartridges when they were searching the apartment of Filinov’s grandmother in Pushkino. The investigators are yet to establish the owner.

As for the appeal to extend the detention and put Filinov under house arrest instead of prison, the court decided to keep the defendant in custody until April 5. The prosecution would insist that the suspect should remain in custody, as he "could get in touch with the other members of the group that are now being searched for."

We should remind that apart from Aleksandr Filinov (Shlyapnik, or ‘Mad Hatter’), the law enforcers arrested Konstantin Tepljakov (Martovsky Zayats, or ‘March Hare’) and Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis). They are accused of hacking user accounts belonging of influential businessmen and politicians. The Shaltay-Boltay case is associated with the arrests of FSB officers Sergey Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchaev, as well as Kaspersky Lab worker Ruslan Stoyanov, according to the information that is yet to be officially confirmed. The men are accused of providing information to foreign intelligence services.



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