Shaltay-Boltay denies involvement in publication of Surkov's correspondence

Shaltay-Boltay denies involvement in publication of Surkov's correspondence
Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis)

The Shaltay-Boltay hacker group has no relation to the publication of Vladislav Surkov's correspondence. This was reported to BBC by former editor of Shaltay-Boltay ( 'Anonymous International'). He confirmed this information with a screenshot of private correspondence in September and October 2016.

The source notes that Lewis was surprised by the fact the correspondence with Surkov was attributed to Shaltay-Boltay, although he confirmed most of the leaks.

As noted by the site's former editor, the founder and ideologist of the group Anonymous International Vladimir Anikeev, charged with illegal access to computer systems, the recently arrested Konstantin Teplyakov has no direct relationship to the group – at different times, he was involved in all sorts of technical and analytical tasks not related to hacking, in particular, to the analysis and processing of information.

The former editor did not confirm the curators among the persons mentioned media, but noted that the project indeed has a senior curator from special services. The source noted that the said person had got on the project himself, offering his services "in exchange for security guarantees to the team members and publication of ordered materials."

According to him, other intelligence agencies (possibly under the Ministry of Defense) has previously expressed interest in the project.

Let us recall that the Shaltay-Boltay hacker group is suspected of transferring correspondence of Assistant to the President Vladislav Surkov to the Ukrainian association of hackers Kiberhunta.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, FSB officers found all members of Shaltay-Boltay group via Vladimir Anikeev's hacked phone, which he was using during his stay in Thailand. As a result of the special operation, FSB detained Vladimir Anikeev, Konstantin Teplyakov, and Aleksandr Filimonov.



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