Shadow healthcare and Dmitry Maryanov’s death. Will crime go unpunished? 

Shadow healthcare and Dmitry Maryanov’s death. Will crime go unpunished?
How many more phantom 'Fenixes' are there in Russia? Photo: The CrimeRussia

Famous Russian actor Dmitry Maryanov died under unclear circumstances outside of Moscow on October 15. What is unclear about the circumstances? The details of his death; they are so complicated and perplexing one can only wonder what really happened to the actor.

"We have several leads as to what might have happened. We believe that the ambulance taking too much time to answer the call and the Fenix Rehabilitation Facility not being up to safety standards are the two most likely reasons," the Russian Investigative Committee stated.

First things first – is Fenix a private clinic or a private rehabilitation facility? It has been called both since the incident. Clinics must have licenses and certified medical staff to be able to provide healthcare; rehabilitation facilities do no need licenses and are social and psychological places and clubs that are not allowed to provide healthcare. Fenix a) pretended to be a rehabilitation facility but was an addict clinic certified by Medekspress (Fenix’s license turned out to be bogus) and b) is a rehabilitation facility offering diagnostics, personal treatments plans, alleviation of symptoms, etc. There are two companies under such name, according to the Kontur.Focus database. They are Fenix LLC (2015) and Fenix Autonomous Non-Profit Organization (2017). A certain Oksana Bogdanova is a co-incorporator of both companies. She used to be a patient in one of the addict clinics. The first Fenix provides outpatient social services to the elderly and handicapped people, as well as physical therapy, according to incorporation documents. The second Fenix provides domiciliary assistance to people suffering from developmental disorders, mentally ill, and drug addicts.

The first website disappeared and turned into the fictional bird of the same name as soon as news of Dmitry Maryanov’s death spread. Bogdanova told RT she had nothing to do with it or Medekspress. Medekspress refused to explain why its corporate details were displayed on Fenix’s website; the actor had undergone treatment in the latter. One Gertsen Shubaev hailing from Grozny is a Medekspress co-incorporator. He also owns the Sodeystvie National Foundation for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Treatment. Sodeystvie won a 7.9-million-ruble ($136 thousand) presidential grant for training people in rehabilitating drug addicts in 2014.

"These rehabilitation therapists invented the term "double diagnosis." They use bogus licenses to present themselves as clinics to attract patients. This is an echo from the 1990s. Such 'clinics' are bitter rivals. They manipulate prosecutors to push one another out of business and run scams. These clinics went through fire and water and do not have the self-preservation instinct. There are at least half a thousand of so-called 'fenixes' in Moscow and outside of it; only about a hundred of them work relatively openly," Narkozdrav Moscow Clinic Head Sergey Nurislamov told the CrimeRussia.

The ICR questioned Fenix CEO Oksana Bogdanova. Maryanov did not undergo pharmaceutical treatment in Fenix, she said. He stayed there for 9 days and only doctor that worked with him was a psychotherapist. The actor then opted out of his rehabilitation treatment prematurely to act in a play. Bogdanova claims she was not there when that happened. She also emphasized Maryanov’s treatment was free. Why was it, one may wonder?

Maryanov’s director Alevtina Kungurova also mentioned the actor had undergone treatment in Fenix shortly before his death. However, she said it was about… an old spinal injury. Attached to this article is an extract from her interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets.

One may think the two failed to agree on what narrative to push. Does anyone actually know anything about Maryanov’s treatment and why the famous and fairly well-to-do actor went to some strange clinic on the outskirts of Lobnya, Moscow region?

The actor’s brother Mikhail Maryanov refused to comment on that. "It is possible Dmitry did that to keep it under wraps and solve his issues in secret," he said. As for who is responsible for his death, he said he thinks it may be the clinic or the ambulance and that it is up to investigator to figure out. He said he did not know his brother was undergoing treatment since he was filming in a location far from Moscow for about a month.

As for the Lobnya ambulance that allegedly refused to answer the call, the Russian Ministry of Health in the Moscow region checked into the claim. The call received at 6:47 PM on October 15 was referred to the Central Duty Dispatchers Service, according to the department. However, another call was registered at 7:03 PM.

"The caller said they already were on their way to hospital and cancelled his request for an ambulance," the department stated. No non-conformances were discovered during the inspection; Sistema-112 operators processed all the calls according to their instructions. Nevertheless, the operator that received the call was fired just in case.

Now, Bogdanova told investigators Maryanov left the clinic prematurely due to being in a hurry to act in a play. The CrimeRussia managed to find out he was indeed supposed to act in a play on October 16 in Omsk. However, Bogdanova later said the ambulance was called from Fenix when on Andrey Malakhov’s On Air TV show on the Russia-1 TV channel. He cancelled the request in 20 minutes, not 4, and "<…> Dmitry was talking and even joking but halfway to hospital he blacked out," she said.

The more you dig the story the more questions there are. When and why was dying Maryanov taken to the Lobnya hospital? Who and why put him into such a shady hole like Fenix? What did really happen?

The investigators confiscated medicals documentation from both the Lobnya hospital and Fenix. Bogdanova refuted rumors of urgently closing Fenix and fleeing abroad. She said Fenix still operates but refused to say how many patients it currently has.

Shadow healthcare that is not able to exist without support of both the Russian Ministry of Health and the police is a highly profitable business. Inspections and shutdowns announced following Maryanov’s death will not have any effect; "Bogdanovas" of the world will have no problems paying off inspectors. The true reason behind the actor’s death will remain a mystery; the already fired Lobnya hospital woman will end up being the scrape goat.


Dmitry Maryanov was a Soviet and Russian actor of theater and cinema and a TV host. October 15, 2017, Maryanov started to feel sick in Rehabilitation Facility in Lobnya, Moscow region. Persons who accompanied him on his way from Lugovaya settlement to the Lobnya hospital stopped at the traffic police post and then reached the hospital escorted by police. They transferred Maryanov to doctors, who pronounced him dead at 6:30 PM Moscow time. According to some sources, the city ambulance service was too busy on that day. According to testimonies, back in the morning, the actor experienced pains in the leg and back, and after a few hours, Maryanov fell down and lost his consciousness. According to media, the cause of death was a dislodged blood clot. Maryanov's death became a signal to the all-Russian inspection by law enforcement and supervisory bodies of non-state clinics, rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, and homes for the elderly. 




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