Severodvinsk: teacher beats children with jumping rope 

Severodvinsk: teacher beats children with jumping rope

A new video of a teacher victimizing students published on the Web.

Irina Koltsova, a PE teacher in the Severodvinsk school No. 19, slashed children with a jumping rope for causing trouble. When one of the students posted a video of the incident on the Internet, the teacher refused her classmates to communicate with the girl, Ridus reports.

“Only this month she did this twice. Usually, she beats with a rope when they do not write down their homework or when sometimes they do not do it,” the student told the publication about the notorious school.

According to him, the video was uploaded by a pupil who came from an orphanage. Koltsova “asked to remove this video, because she is not a beast or monster,” but the video quickly became viral. Other students of the school spoke about Koltsova as a good and even excellent teacher, who is on the same wavelength with the students, says the regional edition

The city police began checking the incident reports, RIA Novosti writes. The check was launched by the Ministry of Education and Science for the Arkhangelsk Region.

Earlier, the CrimeRussia wrote about a teacher from the Tomsk Region, who was filmed using force to a second-grader. In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a primary school teacher beat a child for interfering with the lesson.



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