Seven FSB fighters names from robbery case revealed

Seven FSB fighters names from robbery case revealed

Five are placed to jail; two are placed under house arrest.

The Moscow Garrison Military Court arrested five FSB officers, the fighters of the Alpha special group Vladimir Urusov and Roman Obolensky, the K staff of the special services Dmitry Chukvin, Alexander Karelin and Alexander Vlasov, accused of robbery for two months. Vympel fighter Dmitry Kapyshev and Khetag Margiev from Alpha were sent placed house arrest, as they pleaded guilty. Kommersant reports.

The arrestees will be placed to the Medved crowded detention center, which keeps security forces. The suspected fighters were placed in small cells for 4–8 people, said the executive secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission Ivan Melnikov.

The FSB officers are suspected of stealing 140 million rubles from Chinese citizens working in the Sadovod shopping mall in Moscow. There are 15 defendants in the criminal case.



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