Sevastopol Head nightmarized pension which services he did not reimburse

Sevastopol Head nightmarized pension which services he did not reimburse
Dmitry Ovsyannikov Photo: Victor Korotaev / Kommersant

Dmitry Ovsyannikov initiated checks on the boarding house Izumrud, whose staff accused the official in raiding.

The Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov rested together with friends and family in the boarding house Izumrud for 4 million rubles. However, the Mayor does not hurry to pay for pension services, FlashCrimea reported.

According to the edition, Ovsyannikov, his friends and family were settled in a boarding house right after his appointment - on July, 28th. The newly Head of Sevastopol put a bold face on and decided to actually turn a pension into the residence. He demanded to make repairs in the five rooms. Following his orders, rooms received tiger coloring, on the floor a new red carpet laid, put a plasma and LCD TVs, new furniture installed, the curtains replaced. According to sources, all the repair work had to be coordinated with his representative and the choice of curtains - always with his wife.

However, Ovsyannikov did not pay for repair and spent holiday in the resort. According to media reports, the Acting Governor and his family took advantage of pension services to nearly 3.8 million rubles.

Izumrud management was forced to turn to the Presidential Envoy in the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov and the Russian Deputy of the Prosecutor General Sergei Vorobyov.

The pension’s staff also note that due to Ovsyannikov and his leadership team they had to refuse the settlement into previously booked rooms to customers.

FlashCrimea reported that law enforcement officers have begun preliminary check on the given fact.

It should be noted that the scandal surrounding the boarding house Izumrud broke out a few weeks ago. Thus, on September 28 on the Sevastopol Government website it was reported that on behalf of Dmitry Ovsyannikov it was “initiated a check of financial and economic activity of the enterprise." This decision initiated due to alleged "multiple complaints of residents."

As soon as it became aware of the check, the staff of the boarding house Izumrud, the part of the FSUE Sevastopol Pensions, sent to the editor of News of Sevastopol a letter. It spoke about the abuse of authority "by individual members of the Government," referring to the new Head of Sevastopol.



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