Serpukhov shoplifter steals because of increased VAT  

Serpukhov shoplifter steals because of increased VAT
The detained man Photo: A still from the video

The thief said he could not afford much food.

A man arrested in Serpukhov for stealing food said during an interrogation that he was forced to commit the crime by the increase of the VAT followed by skyrocketing prices. The interrogation was videotaped and posted on the Web.

The thief, who “wanted some Christmassy mood, too,” was caught red-handed, the department added. The man also said that with "life getting more expensive," he has to "live in a garage."

According to Mash, the crime was committed in one of the Pyaterochka supermarkets.

The value-added tax in Russia has increased from 18% to 20% since the beginning of the year. The bill was signed by President Vladimir Putin in August 2018.

Video: Serpukhov thief explains shoplifting 



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