Series of fires break out following ethnic conflict in Nizhniye Sergi 

Series of fires break out following ethnic conflict in Nizhniye Sergi

Locals believe that in this way unknowns try to threaten them.

Two fires broke out in Nizhniye Sergi, Sverdlovsk region, during the night of June 24, reports. Two sheds on Gagarin and Rosa Luxemburg Street burned down. Locals believe that the fires are the result of deliberate arson, and unknown persons are thus trying to threaten them. 

On the evening of June 22, there was a fight between a Russian and an Azerbaijani, as a result of which the latter died. An autopsy revealed that the deceased man had heart problems.

Disturbances began in Nizhniye Sergi following the death of the Azerbaijani. Reports about representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora from all nearby settlements traveling to the city to avenge the death of their compatriot began to spread on social networks. It was also reported that OMON had come to the city to maintain order. 

Earlier, Consul General of Azerbaijan in the Urals, Ilgar Iskenderov, said that the consulate advocate for a peaceful solution to the conflict. According to him, the fight was a result of “an ordinary domestic conflict.” Iskanderov promised that the consulate will carefully look into what happened. “We need stability and friendship,” the consul general added.  

Previously, The CrimeRussia reported that the conflict in Nizhniye Sergi, Sverdlovsk region, could be used as an attempt to take the place of the region underboss after the death of crime lord Vagif Kamyshlovsky (Vagif Gulkhamed oglu Sultanov). Read more about this.

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