Serial poisoner of passengers dies in Moscow detention center

Serial poisoner of passengers dies in Moscow detention center
Viktor Krupnik

The man died during his second trial.

Viktor Krupnik, accused of a series of poisoning of passengers of metropolitan electric trains, died in jail No. 4. The 51-year-old man did not live up to the sentence, which was to be made by the Basmanny Court of Moscow.

Krupnik died on June 16 from acute heart failure. Forensic scientists have yet to confirm the cause of death, but the prison officers already intend to check all cellmates for involvement in the death of a man.

Viktor Krupnik, who died in the capital's detention center, was accused of two murders of lonely passengers. A man sold drinking water on trains, but offered to lonely passengers vodka poisoned with azaleptin. When a drunk passenger fainted, the criminal would take his belongings.

It is assumed that among the robbed there are several dozen people. But only two crimes were proved. One of them occurred in March 2011, and the other in January 2017 in the Gorky railway lines. In both cases, drinking buddies died. The belongings of the murdered, which showed up at the pawnshop, where the offender gave them, helped to find the criminal. 

Krupnik did not admit guilt. He denies one incident at all, and in the second case he claims that he thought that azaleptin acts as a sleeping pill and the victim would simply fall asleep.

In November 2018, the Basmanny Court sentenced Krupnik to 15 years in prison, but the sentence was canceled. The superior court ruled that the convict was unlawfully refused to be tried by a jury court.



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