Serebrennikov case: defendant's daughter psyched by investigator

Serebrennikov case:  defendant's daughter psyched by investigator
Yury Itin and Marina Itina

However, the response to the complaint has not been received so far.

The daughter of Yuri Itin, who, along with director Kirill Serebrennikov, is accused of fraud with budget money, said that she had been pressured by the investigator. Itina complained about this to the Prosecutor's Office.

In her complaint, Marina Itina wrote that on May 23 during the interrogation she was not given enough time to get familiarized with the minutes of lasting-for-many-hours interrogation, hence she had to sign it without looking through. The interrogation was conducted by investigator Igor Fedutinov from the Main Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) in Moscow.

On May 23, at 7.30 in the Moscow apartment of Itins a search began, and then the girl and her mother were taken to the Investigative Committee. At the same time they were forbidden to call a lawyer.

"While I was still asleep, an unknown man came into my room and immediately demanded my cell phone. Thinking that these were criminal acts of unknown persons, I gave the phone. I was allowed to get dressed. In the apartment I saw three armed masked men in the form of special forces soldiers and four people in civilian clothes. My mother explained to me that these were police officers and there was a search in our apartment," writes Itina in the complaint.

In the ICR, the two women were held for another 4 hours, and only at 17.30 the investigator invited Marina for interrogation.

During the exhausting conversation, which at the first stage lasted more than three hours and a half without a protocol, the investigator and the operatives "psyched" the girl demanding to testify against her father.

"To my explanation that I do not know anything about spending money in the Seventh Studio, the investigator threatened that if I was tired of being a witness, he would turn me into a suspect," the complaint reads.

Then, according to the girl, the investigator brought a printout of the wiretapping of telephone conversations, where she allegedly talked to her mother about the theft of money.

"I explained that I did not remember what the telephone conversations were about, the investigator continued to convince me that the talks referred to the theft of money through the Seventh Studio and, if I did not remember this, he would leave me to spend the night in the office of the investigator," the complaint says.

Based on the complaint, the interrogation ended only at midnight. Then the investigator gave the girl about 1 minute to read the record of the interrogation, and then took the signed report, which she had no time to read in full.

Both women were released from the office only by midnight as witnesses.

The complaint against the investigator was sent to the Moscow prosecutor Vladimir Churikov back on June 9. The answer to the complaint has not been received yet.

Yuri Itin himself ishas been under house arrest since May 25. On October 17, the term of his house arrest was extended until January 19.



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