Senior Prosecutor's Office official involved in murder of two moose in Saratov Region

Senior Prosecutor's Office official involved in murder of two moose in Saratov Region
Skin of the killed animal

As a result of the recreation of officials and rangers of private lands in the Rtishchevsky district, two moose were killed.

The regional hunting and fishing committee is investigating the killing of two young mooses, whose skins were found on the territory of the Chistye Prudy hunting farm (PE Malyugin) in the Rtishchevsky district. From one of them, a bullet was extracted and sent for examination. Later, in the refrigerator of one of the household rangers, the moose meat was found, and on the sled of another huntsman of the same farm – the remains of hair and blood. This was reported by the news agency Svobodnye Novosti.

As the sources of the newspaper reported, a few days ago, next to the place where the bodies were found, in the hunting lodge, the director of the Makarovsky forest farm celebrated his birthday. Among his guests, there were the leaders of the Rtishchevskaya inter-district Prosecutor's Office and other influential people of the district. According to the interlocutors, traces of snowmobiles from the crime scene led to this house.

The committee informed that a criminal case will be initiated on poaching. The Rtishchevsky MIA has already filed a corresponding application. Minister of hunting economy and fishery of the Saratov Region – the chairman of the committee – Igor Potapov has taken the situation under personal control.

At the same time, the participants of the celebration have already begun to interfere with the pre-investigation check. In particular, law enforcement officers failed to seize the snowmobiles, the tracks of which were allegedly found at the scene of the crime –they were hidden in one of the villages of the district. The participants in the celebration refuse to testify.

But, according to the head of the Rtishchevsky police department Viktor Popov, the land owner filed an application for killing of the animals.

Additionally, hunting for a moose, shooting of which was legal only under license, was closed on December 31 last year.



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