Security forces seize papers from Bashneft’s Moscow and Ufa offices

Security forces seize papers from Bashneft’s Moscow and Ufa offices

The Rosneft’s Head Igor Sechin said the seizure had nothing to do with the transfer of documents after Bashneft was purchased: security forces are the ones raiding the offices.

In Moscow and Ufa documents are being seized in Bashneft offices, the RBC reported. 30 plain-clothed people in each office seize the company’s papers, the source said. Security of the office buildings has been strengthened and access is controlled. Internet connection has been cut off, only corporate services are available.

At first, the Rosneft’s press secretary Mikhail Leontyev said it all was happening because the administration was being handed over to a state oil company that had just bought 50.08% of Bashneft’s shares a day before. The information, however, was denied by the oil company’s Head Igor Sechin, who said it was security forces that were seizing the documents. Meanwhile, the MIA press service said the agency had no information on the seizure.

It took only a week to complete the transaction that had no trading although it had been previously intended. 329 billion rubles were transferred on federal treasury accounts.

Meanwhile, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was surprised to find out the Government’s financial and economic bloc allowed Rosneft to privatize Bashneft. The opinion was voiced on October 12 at “Russia Calling!” investment forum.

Early on October 13 the Bashneft Board of Directors completely changed its leadership. Aleksandr Korsik, who had led the company since 2011, retired prematurely to be replaced by the Rosneft’s Vice-President Andrey Shishkin. Besides, the remaining six members of the Bashneft’s Board were terminated and also replaced by the managers from Rosneft.

The new Board of Directors will be elected at shareholder meeting scheduled for December 16.



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