Security forces raided Rosnano

Security forces raided Rosnano
Photo: E. Razumny / Vedomosti

Security forces have questions to a manager of the company, who is allergerly involved in delay of construction of the pharmaceutical complex NT-Pharma in the Yaroslavl Region.

Law enforcement officers are carrying out searches in the Rosnano office. The state-owned company’s press service reported it to Interfax.

Representatives of the Rosnano suggest the searches are carried out due to delay in construction of the pharmaceutical complex NT-Pharma in the Yaroslavl Region. In particular, law enforcement officers suspect a manager of the company, whose name is not specified, in disrupting deadlines of the construction.

It is worth noting, the Rosnano started to invest in construction of the NT-Pharma in 2009. However, after private co-investors had problems with payment schedule, the Rosnano suspended its investments. Thus, the project faced its freezing. In 2015, the state-owned company found a new private investor, and renewed funding of the project. The company's share in the project is 49%. At the moment, the construction of the plant has been completed. The launch is scheduled for the next year. It is expected the NT-Pharma will produce vital medical supplies (nano-vaccines and biopharmaceuticals), basing on its own researches.

What is notable, the scandalous detention of the Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev, who used to be an associate of Anatoly Chubais, has been made recently. Yet the Rosnano representatives do not see connection between Ulyukaev’s detention and the searches in their office.

"It is absolutely parallel things, there is no any evidence the searches have connection with Ulyukaev’s case, absolutely no. This is a case of the project, which has already been in the focus of attention due to delay in the construction, and we have already answered the questions. Now additional questions on the case appeared,"- said the Communications Manager of the Rosnano Alexey Firsov to the Govorit Moskva (Moscow’s speaking) radio station.



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