Security forces carried out searches in Chelyabinsk Rublevka Administration

Security forces carried out searches in Chelyabinsk Rublevka Administration

Checking is carried out in respect of officials, who committed violations in the relocation of the dilapidated housing residents.

Chelyabinsk security forces carried out searches in the Administration of Sosnovsky district, reports. According to investigators, during the resettlement of dilapidated housing inhabitants officials fudged.

The resettlement of residents conducted under the direction of previous the Sosnovsky district Head Vladimir Kotov, who left the post in December 2016. Former First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Evgeny Vaganov heads the district.

It is worth noting that this is not the first investigative measure, conducted in Sosnovsky district in 2017. January, 13, the regional Administration was raided by law enforsers, who verified details of Lesnoy Ostrov cottage settlement's construction.

Earlier, the district Administration allocated 40 hectares for agricultural use, but the land was purchased by the municipality on the cadastral value of 1 million rubles, and then resold for cottage plots to private owners. This story happened also during Kotov's management. In regard to the facts of violations investigation verification is carried out; if confirmed they will be prosecuted under Art. 285 of the Criminal Code (Abuse of Official Powers) and 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling).

Vladimir Kotov headed Sosnovsky district, nicknamed 'the Chelyabinsk Rublevka', for 20 years. His reign is noted by a number of corruption scandals. One of the latest scandal was associated with the company LLC Klassik, to which the district Administration allocated multimillion-dollar contracts for gasification of houses without competition. During Kotov's reign, suburbs of Chelyabinsk acquired dozens of elite cottages.



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