Secret of high-profile road accident on Kutuzovsky is disclosed: son of Vagit Alekperov helped

Secret of high-profile road accident on Kutuzovsky is disclosed: son of Vagit Alekperov helped
Anzor Merzhoev

The culprit, shifted the blame on another person, sentenced to three years in prison.⁠

The culprit failed to evade responsibility on an resonance accident on Kutuzovsky Avenue on the night of October 3 last year, where there were killed three people. 22-year-old student Anzor Merzhoev tried to defame his dead friend Mark Halperin, but investigators and Themis brought a beggar to clean water.

As previously reported MK, ​​an accident, involving three cars, occurred in an area near the house 30/32 at 02:00. The driver of white BMW with no license plate lost control, drove into oncoming traffic and collided with a car Porsche and Range Rover. In BMW there were four people - a driver and three passengers. Golden youth went back from Vorobyevy Gory, where they were resting with friends in a cafe. The owner of the car had died on the spot - 18-year-old student Mark Halperin. Other passengers - Islam Tatarashvili, Mara Baghdasaryan - were hospitalized with serious injuries. A week later Islam died in a hospital. The fourth participant of accident - 22-year-old Anzor Merzhoev, to the surprise of the investigators, was able to survive in a terrible accident. People from Range Rover also injured –the couple was driving with a personal driver. The driver escaped with minimal damage, and the passenger died six months later after treatment abroad actually from the effects of trauma, got in an accident (the man broke a blood clot). According to preliminary data, the culprit of traffic incident was Mark Halperin - on him survived Merzhoev pointed out (he is a student of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas). During interrogations, the young man said with a straight face that he was a passenger, but Halperin’s parents claimed otherwise. During the investigation, after examination, it became clear that the driver was Merzhoev (he was immediately taken into custody). By the way, friends have not still understood why he was in the driver's seat. It is interesting that at the time of the accident, he introduced as Ivanov.

Friends initially believed Anzor, as well as find out the truth, the son of a famous oligarch Vagit Alekperov Yusuf, belonging to the crowd, he promised to help to punish the cheater. So in the end it happened.

- When Mara came round, she made clear - she said that the driver was Anzor, - explained mates. - After the tragedy Anzor scared – there was already a corpse, and two more people in limbo.

Recently, the Dorogomilovsky court in Moscow sentenced Anzor Merzhoeva to 3 years of imprisonment in a general regime penal colony, - said the press service of the court to MK. One of the victims – Schebotinova - asked to recover from the convicted a compensation of moral damage of 100 million rubles. The young lady had a broken pelvis and head injury. The court rejected the appeal, explaining that the appeal may be considered in civil proceedings.



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