Second anniversary of slaughter on Rochdelskaya. What actually happened at Elements restaurant? 

Second anniversary of slaughter on Rochdelskaya. What actually happened at Elements restaurant?
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Despite the fact that 2 years have passed since the criminal disassembly that turned into a slaughterhouse, the exact picture of what happened at the Elements restaurant on December 14, 2015, is still uncertain. The investigation of criminal cases and a whole series of major detentions, which entailed events of that evening, continue to this day. None of those who were involved in extortion, shoot-out and the protection of criminals has not yet been convicted. The CrimeRussia reconstructs the chronicle of the events of that day on the information available in the public domain and video recordings from CCTV cameras.

Figures of the case of extortion in the restaurant Elements and parallel criminal cases that appeared during the investigation, give evidence in the courts. There are also initial testimonies of suspects and witnesses, which sometimes contradict each other. In addition, the names of the participants in the criminal shootout on Rochdelskaya Street are still appearing. All these cut confusion and it is quite difficult to understand what really happened on that day.

In addition, a few weeks ago there was a video that allegedly demonstrates everything that happens in the institution. In this case, instead of conversations recorded on cameras (sound was recorded), the voiceover commented on the events and clearly represented the events in glowing colours for one of the parties to the conflict.

It all started with the fact that owner of the restaurant Zhanna Kim ordered the repair of the restaurant to designer Fatima Misikova . Being dissatisfied with the work of the designer, the owner rescinded the contract, paying only for the work done. Misikova in turn demanded full payment. Kim at the same time argued that the designer greatly overpriced the cost - for example, she bought six pillows for 160 thousand rubles ($2800).

Women could not agree on the decision of the financial dispute. Fatima Misikova (according to some sources, lady of the heart of thief in law Zakhar Kalashov , known as Shakro Molodoy) appealed not to court, but to her criminal patrons. Kalashov decided to intercede for the woman and sent his people to sort out the situation.

Сотрудники ЧОПа окружили ресторан

PSF employees surrounded the restaurant

On the evening of December 14, 2015, a group of the private security firm (PSF) employees arrived in the Elements restaurant and surrounded the institution along the perimeter. About 15 people remained on the street, 6 more people, according to hostess of the restaurant Zhanna Kim, went to the VIP-hall. Eduard Romanov headed a delegation of employees of the PSFs Zashitnik and Zaslon.

Initially, extortionists demanded only two million rubles ($34.100), but during the negotiations the amount rose to 8 million ($136.300). As an alternative, Zhanna Kim was offered to re-register the restaurant by signing the necessary papers.

Эдуард Романов

Eduard Romanov

When it became clear that the misunderstanding with the debt would not end peacefully, Kim summoned lawyer Eduard Budantsev . And, judging by the decoding of conversations records, the proprietress of the restaurant did not know the lawyer before. The fact that Budantsev and Kim were not acquainted was later told by police officer Shakirov, whom the owner of the restaurant asked: "Who are these people?", pointing to Budantsev. The lawyer said in the court that when he and his colleague Vladimir Kostrichenko arrived to the restaurant, near the establishment they saw the police crews and Zhanna Kim was standing next to them.

By the time Budantsev arrived in the meeting room there were Eduard Romanov, lawyer Dushkin, Nikolay Nikolaev, Misikova, contractors Gerson Hamidov and Saveliy Ganovichev. The lawyer decided not to enter the VIP-room without policemen, so as not to provoke anyone. A few more people have settled down in the general hall of the restaurant, having blocked the institution.

Жанна Ким

Zhanna Kim

When operative of the criminal investigation dept Ildar Shakirov came into the hall, he introduced himself as the duty officer of the Presnya police unit. Then, according to Budantsev, he and his colleagues presented IDs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But the unknown ignored the demand of the operative and began to laugh at him. They proclaimed that they named themselves "Mikhail". As a result, only the hostess of the establishment, her husband Denis Kim and Dushkin, who came with unknown lawyers, presented the documents.

Эдуард Буданцев

Eduard Budantsev

Budantsev asked Shakirov to bring to the office those who did not present documents, as well as Zhanna Kim, to be interviewed there. However, the policeman refused to do this: "Come the day after tomorrow, and we will analyze this situation in detail."

At this point, Andrey Kochuykov and his assistants arrived to the restaurant, among them there were Alexey Kitaev , Philip Damaskin , Georgy Berezin and Alexey Shevlyakov . According to CCTV records, the car of the patrol police unexpectedly drove up to the cars of the accomplices arrived. 

Алексей Шевляков

Alexey Shevlyakov

The driver of one of the cars was suspected of using drugs. At the same time, police officers check Shevlyakov for weapons. In the patrol police car Kochuykov sat, obviously, trying to burke the case.

Андрей Кочуйков

Andrey Kochuikov (Italyanets)

After almost an hour Kochuykov and his henchmen finally go to the door of the restaurant. They pass to the VIP-hall, where negotiations continue. While several other law enforcement officers arrived at the restaurant.

Denis Romashkin , a policeman of the Khamovniki police unit, was already transferred from the Presnensky police department that day, but he arrived at Elements after the call of his former subordinate Eldar Shakirov. He told Romashkin that he was called on Rochdelskaya Street, where there were supposedly 20 armed men wearing masks. An hour later he called back and said that a common dispute between customers and executors was being decided, no armed people were present. After another half an hour, Romashkin received a phone call from friend and detective Anatoly Fenechkin (six months before the owner of the restaurant Zhanna Kim applied to him when conflicts with designer Fatima Misikova begun), who was also at the restaurant. After the call of the detective, the policeman decided to visit Elements on his way home, "because there was a feeling that a crime could be committed."

Ильдар Шакиров и Денис Ромашкин

Ildar Shakirov and Denis Romashkin

And after him a few more police officers arrived - employee of the Presnensky police department Renat Zinnatulin and employee of the Zamoskvoretsky police department Lavrov. All police officers, without taking any more actions, observed what was happening. They ordered dinner and sat down to eat.

Two former colleagues Pyotr Cherchintsev and Roman Molokaev joined Budantsev. Finally, Andrey Kochuykov, accompanied by bodyguards, entered the VIP-hall. At the same time, Kitaev kept his hand on the handle of the gun, as it later turns out, traumatic one. Yevgeny Surzhikov , the policeman, was with them.

Евгений Суржиков

Yevgeny Surzhikov 

Italyanets demanded from Zhanna Kim to sign documents for the transfer of restaurant’s ownership, otherwise threatened to take her and family members into the forest in the trunk of the car.

At this point, the police, having supper left the restaurant, but remain near the entrance. Budantsev and his partners tried to enter the VIP-room and heard Kochuykov shouting: "Here everything is mine! I'll tear it all!" The raiders did not like the interference of the lawyer and his colleagues. Budantsev began mocking. Security guard Kitaev demonstrated his readiness to use weapons if necessary, laying his hand on the handle of the gun. But at that moment Zinnatulin looked into the room, which, according to Budantsev, saved him from reprisals.

Then Kochuykov suggested leaving the restaurant and finding out who represented whose interests. To do this, all went out on the veranda, the men began to sort out relationship.

Мужчины вышли разобраться на веранду

Men on the street

To the question of Italyanets: "Do not you recognize the thieves' suit?" Budantsev gave a negative answer and mocked at opponent. After that, Kochuykov shouted to his companions: "Kill the bald and put him into the trunk." After that, the guards of Kochuykov attacked Budantsev and started beating.

Китаев стреляет в Буданцева

Kitaev shoots at Budantsev

Who was the first to open fire during the scuffle is still not clear. Budantsev claims that the first shot was made by Kitaev, which is confirmed by recording from surveillance cameras. A skirmish started. Budantsev took out the award pistol Beretta and began to shoot, while the guards used traumatic weapons. While the participants in the shooting did not disperse from the scene, the police continued to stand aside. As a result, two people were killed, eight wounded. Almost all the participants of the shootout managed to be detained.

The police were charged with inaction. Then, as they themselves say, there was no reason for intervention. And lawyer Budantsev provoked the aggression and the shootout. Other participants in the conflict support this. He allegedly was mocking at all those present and provoked conflict.

Полицейские наблюдали за происходящим в стороне

The police watched what was happening on the sidelines  

Andrey Kochuykov and Zakhar Kalashov are accused of extortion of 8 million rubles. Lawyer Budantsev was first charged with murder, then in excess of self-defense, but the case has not yet reached the court.

Subsequent events, which led to the disassembly, caused a chain reaction of detentions and revelations, both among the top echelon of the criminals of Russia, and among the high-ranking siloviki.

No participant of shootout at the Elements restaurant has yet been sentenced.



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