Searches at Yelets ex-mayor's revealed rifle, grenades

Searches at Yelets ex-mayor's revealed rifle, grenades
Viktor Sokovykh

In Moscow, law enforcement authorities have raided the former Yelets mayor in the Lipetsk region Victor Sokovykh as part of a criminal case on drug trafficking.

According to Gorod48, an unexpected finding awaited the operatives, who visited the former city governor on January 20 due to the fact his nephew was one of the suspects in the case of drug trafficking.

Two firearms (one of which was the Kalashnikov assault rifle), two grenades, a silencer, and 3,000 cartridges were discovered in his home safe.

The outlet notes that the safe was cracked by MES officers, because the former mayor refused to open it as demanded by law enforcement officers.

The reason for investigation measures is known to be the fact that Sokovykh's relative is suspected of receiving narcotic drugs from abroad, disguising them as dietary supplements and selling them in Moscow.

The Main Department of MIA for in Lipetsk region does not comment on the search in the former mayor's house. It is worth noting that Viktor Sokovykh held the position of Mayor of Yelets for 17 years. In 2010, he resigned after a high-profile corruption scandal involving the allocation of land for the construction of his house. A criminal case under the "abuse of power by officials of Yelets city administration" was initiated.

The prosecutor's office, in turn, also found a violation in the allocation of a land plot with an area of 2 sq m for the construction of a cottage for the Mayor's family. However, the case was then dismissed "for lack of evidence."



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