Searches in Yekaterinburg MIA linked to arrest of Hrabr founder

Searches in Yekaterinburg MIA linked to arrest of Hrabr founder
Nikita Maltsev (right), Kirill Shtripling killed in Gypsy settlement (left)

The Coach of Martial Arts Club is involved both into the infamous massacre in Gypsy settlement and into the extortion of a large sum of money from a bookmaker company.

The Federal Security Service and the Investigative Committee of Yekaterinburg Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are investigating the case of Nikita Maltsev, the founder of Hrabr betting club.

According to, the FSB seized papers from the MIA Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department in the Ural city. The regional department of the Investigative Committee reported that Nikita Maltsev had promised the betting club would have their equipment back after MIA officers had confiscated it, demanding 1 million 200 thousand rubles in return.

Aleksandr Shulga, the Deputy Chief of the Sverdlovsk ICR, said that the man of 28 had planned to fraudulently obtain 1 million rubles from the bookmaker.

According to the reports, Maltsev spoke openly of his links with law enforcement officers that he had since the time when he went to Ural MIA Institute before dropping out. Besides, men from his Hrabr club were also involved in the shootouts, the biggest of which occurred in September 2016 in Yekaterinburg’s Gypsy settlement that left dead two: Kirill Shtripling and Ilya Tashimov.

On January 13, Nikita Maltsev, the founder of Hrabr, was arrested by FSB officers in a criminal case under article Attempted Swindling on a large scale and put in prison for two months. He was reportedly detained in the act on receiving the first part of the bribe (700 thousand rubles).



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