Searches in house of Khabarovsk ex-Governor’s son reveal weapons arsenal  

Searches in house of Khabarovsk ex-Governor’s son reveal weapons arsenal
Dmitry Ishaev in the Khabarovsk regional court

Dmitry Ishaev, a businessman detained for severe beating of his father-in-law Viktor Ishaev (former Presidential Envoy and Governor of the Khabarovsk Region) and father of the reckless driver Igor Ishaev, was sentenced to a house arrest for a period of 2 months yesterday.

During the search at Dmitry Ishaev’ house, police officers found and seized a considerable arsenal of weapons and ammunition, Khabarovsk Region Today (Khabarovsky Krai Segodnya) reported.

The law enforcers reportedly seized over 730 rounds, a non-lethal pistol OSA, a Ruger 10/22 carbine, a 7.62 Vepr hunting rifle, a 7.62 Tigr hunting rifle, a Winchester-1001, a Benelli and an MC-21. REN TV notes that Ishaev had a permit for the weapons.

Dmitry Ishaev was detained after he had severely beaten a 63-year-old man who was his family member. A verbal skirmish between Alexander A. and Dmitri Ishaev on the night of September 24 grew worse and the senior was beaten and hospitalized in the Regional Clinical Hospital No.2. Doctors diagnosed the bruised man with a brain contusion, fracture of the cranial vault and fracture of the jaw.

Dmitri Ishaev has been charged with causing serious bodily harm. The court of Khabarovsk Zheleznodorozhny district sentenced Dmitry Ishaev to a house arrest for two months.

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Dmitry Ishaev in court

It should be noted that Dmitry Ishaev, the son of Khabarovsk former Governor, is a businessman with a rather controversial reputation. In the late 90's, he was rumored to have close ties with the Far Eastern criminal enterprise Obshchak, as well as friendship with one of its leaders, Yuri Maslennikov aka Krab. In his 20s, Dmitry Ishaev repeatedly became involved in outrageous incidents and criminal cases. For instance, at the age of 24, he batted a lieutenant colonel of internal forces and was detained walking around Vladivostok with a false ID of the region's vice-governor. However, thanks to his father's weight, Dmitry Ishaev has never been convicted before, according to the Far Eastern media.

Also, Dmitry Ishaev, who was arrested for beating his father-in-law, is the father of Igor Ishaev, the notorious reckless driver and one of the swanky ones from the company of Mara Bagdasaryan and Ruslan Shamsuarov. He had a serious accident at the Moscow Ring Road in March 2017 while driving his Mercedes-Benz and hitting three other cars, after which he tried to blame it all on the woman whose car he had rammed in his Mercedes-Benz.



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