Search for driver who hit Russian Guard officer began after a week 

Search for driver who hit Russian Guard officer began after a week
The alleged driver of the Mercedes

The police declared wanted an unknown Mercedes driver who has committed a traffic accident, and the car owner, who had already been detained, but was released.

A criminal investigation into the traffic accident on Baumanskaya Street has been referred to the MIA Main Investigations Directorate. Let us recall, December 13, 2016, an out-of-control Mercedes G 63 AMG slammed into the sidewalk at high speed, hitting a 27-year-old Russian Guard officer Yuri Karpov. The hit was so strong that the latter died before the arrival of medical professionals. Other passers miraculously jumped out from under the wheels of the car.

The outdoor surveillance camera shows the man who caused this accident quickly pulling up to the victim, dropping off a passenger, who did not show any attention to the man lying on the pavement, and riding away from the accident site. After the car was approached by its owner Karen Gubasaryan, who was in a café nearby (as it was later discovered), the unknown driver fled the scene. The abandoned car was later discovered not far away.

Video: Karen Gubasaryan hits Yuri Karpov

28-year-old native of Georgia Gubasaryan was detained shortly, but he denied knowing the driver, to whom he had entrusted his expensive foreign car. It has also become known that before the car disappeared, the owner managed to take away his personal belongings from the cabin. Upon provision of information, law enforcement officers had no questions to Gubasaryan, and he was soon released. 

December 14, the media drew attention to the incident and the course of investigation. A MIA document, which became available to one of the channels, was particularly bewildering – the “suspect” section was crossed out. The surveillance camera reviewed section – 0, expert assessment commissioned – 0, explanations – 0, reports – 0.

Карен Губасарян

And finally, the owner of the Mercedes Е 963 ЕЕ 77, who had already been released, and the yet unidentified driver have been declared federally wanted. According to the reports, the driver is a 25-30-year-old man of strong build, 180 cm tall, with dark and short hair and a beard.

At the same time, as it turned out, Gubasaryan has more than 100 administrative fines for the last year alone. The majority of tickets have been written for exceeding the speed, violating the rules of vehicle location on the roadway, ignoring the stop line, and riding on the bus only lane.

Now, the case is qualified as Violation of Traffic Rules, which Entailed a Human Death (part 3 of Art. 264 of the Russian Criminal Code). However, it is possible that another charge will be added, namely Leaving to Danger (Art. 125 of the Russian Criminal Code).



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