Scotland Yard published statement of Yulia Skripal

Scotland Yard published statement of Yulia Skripal
Yulia Skripal

“I hope that you’ll respect my privacy and that of my family during the period of my convalescence," Yulia Skripal said.

Scotland Yard issued a statement of GRU ex-Colonel Sergei Skripal's daughter Yulia, one of the victims of the poisoning attack. She has remained critically ill for almost a month in a hospital in British Salisbury, she woke up over a week ago.

She thanked healthcare workers at Salisbury District Hospital and also asked the public to respect the privacy of her and her family during the recovery.

“I shout out to many people responsible for my recovery and give special thanks to the people of Salisbury that came to my aid when my father and I were incapacitated. Further than that, I would like to thank the staff at Salisbury District Hospital for their care and professionalism," the statement added.

According to the telephone conversation between Yulia and her sister Viktoria, which Rossiya 1 TV channel announced, her father Sergei Skripal avoided nervous system impairment and, probably, would recover too. However, the British media did not report Skripal’s emerging from a coma.



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