Scorcher who hit 5 people by car in St. Petersburg released from jail

Scorcher who hit 5 people by car in St. Petersburg released from jail
Murad Kasymov

The 'Killer on Nevsky' got behind the wheel without a driving license and breathed in exhilarant gas.

The Kuibyshevsky District Court of St. Petersburg released Murad Kasymov, nicknamed the 'killer on Nevsky' in the media, from the jail. The culprit of the accident, as a result of which two pedestrians died and three were injured, was forbidden to leave the house at night until October 22, get in and drive a car, visit points of sale of alcohol and participate in public events, Fontanka reports.

Kasymov was under arrest since February 25. The crime imputed to him is rated as moderate. In June, a law came into force, according to which, accused of such crimes can be kept in jail for a maximum of six months.

On the night of February 24, Kasymov was driving along the Nevsky Prospekt on the BMW X6, breathing in laughing gas, and at house No. 55 he flew out onto the sidewalk into a group of pedestrians. A US citizen Todd Ashley Crowell and a Moscow resident Evgenia Korneenkova died from injuries, three people were injured.

Later it turned out that in September 2018, Kasymov had his driver's license taken away. Over the past two years, traffic police officers issued 55 protocols for a scorcher for violating traffic rules, but the motorist was not in a hurry to pay fines.



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