Schoolboy handed over to police after he threatened to stab himself

Schoolboy handed over to police after he threatened to stab himself
The place of emergency Photo: Social Media

His mother was the one who managed to persuade the kid to surrender himself.

Daniil Gorbatenko, 16, who came to school in Moscow with a knife, has been handed over to the police in the presence of his parents, the emergency services report. According to the mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, the schoolboy has been “isolated; psychologists are currently working with him.”

Earlier it was reported that his mother entered into the negotiations. According to Mash, she was able to get into the classroom her son had locked himself in.

Даня Горбатенко

The student at school No. 1359 in the Zhulebino district, the south-east of Moscow, came to school with a knife. At first, he threatened the teachers, and then said he was going to commit suicide. The police began negotiations with the kid and his mother was there, too. All pupils and teachers were evacuated. According to preliminary data, no one has been hurt.

Daniil’s mother said her son’s behavior may be associated with the pills he has been taking for severe headaches and to calm down. What those drugs were exactly is unknown.

Previously, a law enforcement source of reported that the schoolboy with a knife threatened to kill himself because of a poorly written essay for a trial national exam. TASS confirmed that citing a source in law enforcement agencies. “According to preliminary data, a bad mark could have been the motive. The kid comes from a functional family,” the agency reports.

The neighbors of the 16-year-old say he is a timid kid who has never gotten into any troubles that they know of.



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