Schoolboy from Ulyanovsk to be buried separately from family he killed

Schoolboy from Ulyanovsk to be buried separately from family he killed
The teenager and his mother he killed.

The local authorities will cover the remaining relatives relevant expenses.

A teenager from Ulyanovsk who killed a family and committed suicide will be buried in a cemetery in the Karsunsky District, and his five victims – in the village of Yurlovka, the Bazarnosyzgan District, RBC reports. The funeral expenses for relatives are compensated from the regional budget, TASS reports.

“On behalf of the governor, expenses and assistance in organizing the funeral will be provided in full. All expenses, if relatives have already spent some money, will be taken into account and reimbursed to the funeral organizers through social protection authorities,” Alexander Raschupkin, the head of the territorial department of the region’s Ministry of Family, Demographic Policy and Social Well-being in the Bazarnosyzgan District, said.

The interlocutor of the news agency also explained that there is no cemetery in the village of Patrikeevo, therefore, the victims and the teenager will be buried in other settlements. The funeral will be held on August 20. 

On August 18, the body of a 16-year-old teenager was found under a cell phone tower, and his four-year-old brother and sister, grandmother, grandfather, and mother were found in his private home. In his suicide note, the student explained the group murder by taking care of them – “so that they do not have negative emotions about his death.”



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