Scantily clad ‘budget queen’ from Tomsk shares career secrets 

Scantily clad ‘budget queen’ from Tomsk shares career secrets
Natalia Muzykina

A female official of the Municipal Duma does not see any issue with posting her assets on social networks.

Oysters, royal shrimp, alcohol cocktails, expensive cars, and explicit photos taken on exotic beaches – all these temptations are available on social media pages of Natalia Muzykina, Head of the Department for Budget, Economy, and State Property of the Tomsk Municipal Duma. What skills have allowed the young economist to take up such a high post in the Administration of the Municipal Duma? 

Governmental officials are frequently criticized in press, but this is a different case. Let’s rejoice at the bright and rich life of the head of the budget department, especially taking that Muzykina herself shares the most spectacular moments by posting pictures on Instagram as Natalia Muzykina.

Unlike other officials, the lady is not hiding under pseudonyms and gladly takes pictures at her workplace. The subscribers are delighted with such a high-ranked ‘blogger’ and share their emotions in comments. 

Two years ago, Natalia Muzykina had been working in the Municipal Duma as an ordinary counsel in the economic department. But her brainwork had already been remunerated pretty well. According to her asset and income declaration, in 2015, Natalia Muzykina had provided legal counseling for the total of 709,462 rubles – i.e. some 60 thousand rubles per month. Now Muzykina is the head of the department and should earn much more for her intellectual work. Heart fills with joy with the success of the young specialist! 


Natalia Muzykina's Instagram 

Natalia Muzykina has graduated from the Siberian Academy of Civil Service; she never felt lost on the job market, but instead became a highly demanded manager of the state and municipal administration. The hot career of Muzykina is an illustrative example proving that a social elevator for new university grads, in fact, exists in the Tomsk Municipal Duma. Why relocate to the capital if the luxury life is available in a Siberian city? 

Natalia Vadimovna tells her subscribers about trips, favorite restaurants, meetings in night clubs, and new clothes. This is the everyday life of the Tomsk official. Taking how glaringly Natalia Muzykina relaxes, it is easy to imagine how intensively the official works! The budget, economy, state assets... Each matter requires in-depth research. The pictures posted online demonstrate that the young lady knows very well how to administer money.

In addition, Natalia Vadimovna shares her practical wisdom and recommendations by posting those as comments to her scantily clad photos. For example: “Italian Spritz – what could be better on Friday night”. Or: “if you hesitate between me and somebody else – don’t choose me”; “you can’t escape love, but I manage to”; and “oysters in Tomsk, full, drunk, wait for good mood”. Perhaps, these simple pieces of advice would help somebody to make a meteoric career in the Tomsk halls of power. Although the Tomsk municipal emblem shows a different slogan: “by labor and knowledge”. But apparently, this is actual only for those who envy Natalia Muzykina...



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