Scandalous streetracer Mara Bagdasaryan pretended ill during detention

Scandalous streetracer Mara Bagdasaryan pretended ill during detention
Mara Bagdasaryan

Moscow traffic police has once again detained the Gelandewagen races participant Mara Bagdasaryan.

The traffic police have stopped a Mercedes on Sadovoye Ring for a routine check. The scandalous racer Mara Bagdasaryan turned out to be behind the wheel. During the check, inspectors found that there are 55 unpaid fines on the streetracer’s account.

In this regard, traffic police officers have made a report under Art. 20.25 of the Russian Administrative Code against the girl. However, as soon as they told Mara about their intention to take her to the police station, she immediately informed them about sharp deterioration of health and called an ambulance.

Doctors have taken the sick girl to one of the Moscow clinics, where a preliminary diagnosis of ‘state after a convulsive seizure’ has been set.

The police noted that as soon as Mara Bagdasaryan regenerated to full health, she would be detained.

It is noteworthy that, as soon as the doctors took her to the hospital, she immediately ran away from the admissions office, saying she did not require medical attention.

Let us recall that as the CrimeRussia previously reported, Bagdasaryan frequented court sessions throughout November due to the fact that traffic police drew close attention to her ‘feats’ after the Gelandewagen races. As it turned out, the girl’s outstanding was almost 180 thousand rubles. Back then, the court sentenced her to 24 days in jail and 595 hours of compulsory work.



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