Scandalous streetracer Bagdasaryan to appeal against sentence of compulsory work

Scandalous streetracer Bagdasaryan to appeal against sentence of compulsory work

The notorious Moscow streetracer Mara Bagdasaryan intends to appeal against the court sentence related to compulsory labor.

According to Press Secretarry of the Savelovsky Court Konstantin Timoshenko, the appeal hearing is to be held on April 25.

Mara Bagdasaryan, who has been sentenced to correctional labor, intends to appeal the court sentence. Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the girl had used a fake sick leave certificate to evade administrative punishment. Back then, the court sentenced her to a year of correctional labor with deduction of 15% of salary in favor of the state. Bagdasaryan was to clean up the adjacent territories supervised by Zhilishchnik State-Financed Entity, Sokol district. To justify her absence from compulsory work, in February this year, Mara Bagdasaryan filed a sick leave to the bailiff of the Savelovsky Court and her curator from the management company. Further check revealed that it was a fake document. The forged document was allegedly signed by a doctor of one of Moscow hospitals. Later, Bagdasaryan told law enforcers she had bought the forgery outside a metro station. A criminal case for using a fake document was initiated against the girl.

Let us also recall that the streetracer became notorious when the car of Head of Lukoil's son Ruslan Shamsuarov was stopped last year during a‘street race' with policemen. Mara was riding a SUV. She was sentenced to 10 days’ imprisonment for disobedience to the police. Then she was repeatedly detained for traffic rules violation, and eventually, her fines amounted to hundreds of thousands of rubles. During long court proceedings, she was permanently deprived of her driver's license, as it turned out that she was suffering from schizophrenia.



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