Sberbank Board members got 2.5-billion-ruble fee in 2015

Sberbank Board members got 2.5-billion-ruble fee in 2015
Sberbank CEO Herman Gref

This is still less than they got in 2014, however.

With the scandal over nearly 100-million bonus given to Russian Post CEO just gaining momentum, Sberbank has published its annual financial statements. The documents show the amount paid to the "CEO, Chairman of the Board and board members." The total amount of 2015 payments reached 2.5 billion rubles for one year, with only 12 people in the board. This makes 208 million rubles for each Sberbank top manager.

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The report continues specifying the purpose of the payments: fixed remuneration (salaries, paid leave and business trips) constituted 0.64 billion rubles that is about 4.5 million rubles for a Board member per month. Yet, it is so-called variable remuneration that is the main revenue of the bank managers: yearly bonuses and extras making 1.85 billion rubles a year, which is 154 million rubles on average for a top manager. The last on the list is the extra bonus for performing the functions of a Supervisory Board member totaling 0.01 billion rubles, i.e. 10 million rubles more for one member.

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The report highlights the fact that the payments for the board decreased compared to 2014, when they made up 2.8 billion rubles.

Earlier, the media reported a 2014 bonus for Russian Post CEO Dmitry Strashnov that amounted to 95.4 million rubles. The CEO claims his bonus was perfectly legal, since he was entitled to 8% of the annual profits, which happened to reach 1.2 billion rubles. However, the Prosecutor General found that the figures had been calculated together with the 5.4-billion-ruble state subsidy that had been meant to cover the enterprise’s 3-billion-ruble debt.



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