Saratov: traffic policeman and OMON officers beat taxi driver 

Saratov: traffic policeman and OMON officers beat taxi driver
Photo: Still from the video

The police will check into the situation.

The MIA Main Directorate in Saratov is checking into the report about a Yandex taxi driver beaten by a Road Patrol Service officer, Svobodnye Novosti reports. The video with the beating appeared online the other day. 

The dashcam footage from one of the passing cars shows a UAZ car parked at the curb and a Yandex taxi car next to it. There are several people standing by the cars — a Road Patrol Service inspector, two people in camouflage uniforms, and the taxi driver. The inspector grabs the civilian by his clothes and pushes him on the taxi cab. Then he opens the door and tries to sit the taxi driver down at the wheel. The man falls.

Author of the video said the incident took place on Ogorodnaya Street on April 23. At the same time, the video's caption says July 19, 2016. Commenting on the video, some users said they witnessed the incident and noted that the men wearing military uniforms were OMON special police officers, and the taxi driver was drunk. 

The press service of the Saratov MIA Directorate said that the video had been reported to the Directorate’s management. A service check has been scheduled.

Video: Yandex taxi driver beaten by man in Road Patrol Service officer uniforms (Saratov)



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