Saratov: Police arrests officials during bender in boarding school

Saratov: Police arrests officials during bender in boarding school

The police arrested a group of public officials on the outskirts of Saratov; the arrestees were having a Labor Day party in school.

The incident took place in the Town of Petrovsk, Saratov region on May 3. The school director partied with her deputies, a local newspaper chief editor, the chair of the district education workers’ union, and public officials, including some from a local welfare department. It was one of the school employees who reported the party to the police.

Police officers who responded to the call surrounded the school and proceeded to arrest the party participants. The school administration not only made its cook for the party guest but serve them as well, as it turned out. It is worth mentioning children are supposed to stay in the school where the public officials threw a party all day long.

An inspection was instituted. The police confiscated CCTV footage and is examining reports of the party being paid for using budget money.

The party participants managed to hide Director Olga Koldina in a storeroom and the police did not find her, according to a source in the local administration, as quoted by local media. The police ended up arresting the drunk school curriculum director and taking her to a police station for questioning.



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