Saransk: suspended prisoner threatens to throw five-month-old daughter out of window 

Saransk: suspended prisoner threatens to throw five-month-old daughter out of window

A criminal celebrated his wife's birthday and arranged a performance for her.

Saransk police detained a drunken man who threatened to throw his five-month-old daughter out of a third-floor window. The district policeman, Lieutenant Vasily Martynov, climbed onto the cornice, pushed the rowdy with the child from the window. The child was taken to the hospital. The Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Mordovia reports.

The detainee is conditionally convicted of beatings, now he may be sent to a colony. In addition to the beatings, the man has 10 other convictions, LifeShot Telegram channel reports. According to the channel’s authors, the rowdy’s name is Dmitry Ivanov. On the evening of August 18, he celebrated his wife’s birthday and got drunk; in the morning his wife left the apartment.

Ivanov did not let his returning wife into the apartment. “There will be a show now, go to the balcony!” he shouted and picked up the infant.

District police officer Vasily Martynov, the police driver, Senior Sergeant Viktor Kovalchuk, and the deputy head of the firefighting service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, Lieutenant Colonel of the internal service Ruslan Alukaev, arrived at the scene.


Lieutenant of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasily Martynov, Lieutenant Colonel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Ruslan Alukaev (from left to right)


Senior Sergeant of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Viktor Kovalchuk



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