Sanya will pay for Yamadayev’s man

Sanya will pay for Yamadayev’s man
Photo: PressFoto/Zoonar/Volodymyr Khodariev

The fighter of the legendary Chechen Yamadayev is killed on a duel in Pargolovo. They dueled in ten steps with Makarov guns. Second rabid duelist was wanted for 5 years and was found on October 11. Fontanka remembered this western. Though the intrigue remains.

Noblemen submitted to the code and sirs agreed on duels on command. They dueled in 15 steps from each other. American settlers did not bother to class etiquette and accelerated the procedure – the one, who will take the gun out faster is the one who win. Since then during sudden armed conflicts on streets, people use this style. The same happened in Pargolovo.

The reason is still not clear. Absolutely. Formally, a hard worker from St. Petersburg killed formalized loader from Chechnya at the time of suddenly arisen aversions. But if to think about the biographies of the opponents and imagine stereotype of their behavior, then it sounds ridiculously. In the evening of June 24, 2011 38-years-old native of Chechnya Hadzhimuratov was killed by a shot in heart. According to Fontanka, he was the officer of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the former fighter of the famous battalion Vostok headed by legendary Sulim Yamadayev (a hero of the Russian Federation, if someone forgot).

To recall, Sulim Yamadayev, as the majority of powerful persons in Chechnya, has began his way on the first Chechen war, and after that he did not mind to be called a field Commander. When reconciliation was arranged with the highlanders, he stood under banners of Russia and fought bravely against his former companions. The real fame came to him when he was appointed commander of the battalion Vostok (unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) and fought in summer 2008 on the front lines in South Ossetia. Then mega conflict with Ramzan Kadyrov appeared, his departure to Arab Emirates where in 2009 occurred a murder, which led to the international scandal.

Thus after Yamadayev's liquidation, Hadzhimurat allegedly decided that St. Petersburg was less dangerous than mountains controlled by Kadyrov's clan.

More well-aimed in this fight – Aleksander Egorov. And he is quite a different breed. At that time he was thirty-two. But he also does not look like a man, who make money on the side, while constructing country houses. Sharp, well dressed, obviously with experience of conflict meetings with representatives of the informal world, drove over in his BMW X5.

Hadzhimuratov managed to snatch out Makarov's gun. Now it is hard to say where did he find it, but it is clear why he constantly carried it around. He only could snatch it out. And fell with it, because Egorov shot first from an opened window of a prestigious foreign car. Only once – what is notable.

Egorov understood that he would definitely not remain incognito. Near Hadzhimuratov there were his fellow countrymen. Too strong-willed persons. But a corpse is a corpse, and Aleksander was put on wanted list. He was hiding so skillfully that the Custom Department of the police Central Board had to think.

Egorov shaved his head to skin, grew a beard and looked like… highlander. Created himself new documents and did not sleep in one place for long. Those are indeed strange opportunities and habits for an unskilled worker. At last, this entire bustle stopped when in the evening on October 11 in the Nevsky District, on Zolnaya Street, field investigators captured him. He did not resist. Only outraged for little about their manners and went silent, when he heard: “That’s all, Sanya, stop running”.

But even after five years, having appeared under arrest, he continues insist on his version: it was a household conflict, which happened between two of them, and it is not interesting for anyone.



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