Samara: thugs who attacked Otradny Police Head and wife apprehended

Samara: thugs who attacked Otradny Police Head and wife apprehended
Dmitry Vashurkin

Five people are suspected of injuring the policeman and murdering his wife.

Operational and search activities in Samara resulted in five suspects arrested for assaulting the police officer and his wife. They all reside in Samara’s Kuibyshevsky and Kirovsky districts, MIA spokesperson Irina Volk said in a statement.

Earlier this week, Dmitry Vashurkin, the Police Head in the town of Otradny located in the Samara Region, recovered after the grave injuries he had received and gave his first testimony to investigators. Now, the wounded policeman’s condition is assessed as serious but stable.

The tragedy occurred late on December 10 in the village of Smyshlyaevka that is in the Volzhsky district of the Samara region. It is reported that the attackers tracked down Vashurkin and his wife Yekaterina at a store, and then got into their house and started beating them up for burglary. In the morning, the policeman regained consciousness and called the ambulance. He was taken to the hospital intensive care unit with a chopped head wound, closed craniocerebral trauma and multiple hematomas. Yet, his wife could not be saved as she died before the ambulance arrived. The robbers had taken three gold chains and a wallet with bankcards and a small amount of money.

To assist in the investigation of the high-profile case, the Criminal Investigation Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived at the region from Moscow.

According to previous reports, when Vashurkin and his wife returned home that night, they saw four masked men, who immediately began to beat them up severely. Among the motives for the attack the thugs named someone else’s debt to the bank, where the policeman acted as surety. In 2012, the officer became the security of Aleksandr Bondarenko that was a friend of his, who took a loan with Sberbank and then failed to repay it.  

The current theory is that the attack was committed for mercenary motives.

The assault of a senior police officer has not been the first one in the Samara region this year. In April, Andrey Gosht and his family of 6 were murdered in their house in the outskirts of Syzran. Andrey Gosht had been the Deputy Head of Personnel of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Two man, including Gosht, and 4 women were murdered; officer’s 7-year-old niece was the only one who survived the massacre. Soon the suspects were arrested: Mahmadali Akhmadov, Roman Fataliev, Islam Babaev and Orhan Zohrabov. According to investigators, they committed the crime for mercenary motives.



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