Samara: student twice justified by jury convicted

Samara: student twice justified by jury convicted
Elizaveta Keneshova

The girl was accused of illegal receipt and sale of drugs.

The Samara Regional Court confirmed the legality of the sentence of a 22-year-old student, Elizaveta Keneshova, who got eight years in prison for receiving a parcel with mephedrone and participating in its distribution, Mediazona reports. Earlier, the jury had justified the girl twice.

In the case of Keneshova, her friend Nijat Nagiev received five years in prison. They were detained after receiving the parcel in the courier service. According to Keneshova, friend Nargiz Mamedova arranged a package in her name. The girl allegedly thought she was going to pick up the cosmetics, and her friend - the speakers ordered from the online store. The siloviki found 649 grams of mephedrone and several other drugs in the package in Nagiev’s apartment.

Nagiev admitted that he distributed drugs together with Mamedova, but Keneshova did not know about it. For half a year, the student was a witness, and in the spring of 2018, she was detained as an accomplice of Mamedova. The jury acquitted Keneshova, the judge dismissed the composition and began to review the case with other jurors.

The second composition also concluded that the girl was innocent, but already by a margin of one vote. The judge announced a break, and the next day, one of the assessors changed her decision in favor of the state prosecution.

The Mamedova case was considered separately. She got five years’ imprisonment.



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