Samara ritual services disrupt funeral for second time in day  

Samara ritual services disrupt funeral for second time in day

The funeral services of Samara tried to prevent people from burying their dead relatives at a local cemetery for the second time in a day. A video of the incident appeared on YouTube.

The footage shows how a crowd of men does not allow digging a grave, standing nearby. They are warned that they can "be touched by the crowbar." Despite the warnings, they do not move.

On Thursday evening, Anna Plotnikova, a resident of Samara, brought a coffin with her late boyfriend to the building of the Samara region government. According to the woman, her boyfriend died on February 6, but there was no money for the funeral. The family agreed with IP Vorobyov on funeral services "at a reasonable price," but this market at Rubezhnoye cemetery is allegedly monopolized by municipal public institution Ritual.

The Governor of the Samara region, Dmitry Azarov, instructed the Head of the city, Yelena Lapushkina, and the Anti-Corruption Department to investigate the incident, and Ministry of Social Protection to provide the relatives of the deceased with all necessary assistance. The police are conducting a check.



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