Samara resident whose coffin was put by city government buried in Mirny

Samara resident whose coffin was put by city government buried in Mirny

The police are checking the action of a girlfriend of the deceased, who wanted to draw the attention of the authorities to the issue in the sphere of funeral services.

The girlfriend of the deceased, whom yesterday she brought in a coffin to the square in front of the government of the Samara region, buried him at a cemetery in the village of Mirny. The man died at the beginning of the month from pneumonia and heart failure. It was not possible to bury him immediately because of the lack of money and the fierce competition of organizations providing funeral services.

According to 63.RU, Anna Plotnikova has a daughter from the deceased, but they were not officially married. Initially, the native of Samara wanted to bury her boyfriend in Rubezhny, but the funeral procession was not allegedly let in, and then a group of unknown men arrived, who prevented the diggers from doing their job. According to Plotnikova, the reason lies in the fact that the municipal public institution Ritual is a monopolist in the field of funeral services, but the woman found a competitor who agreed to work for 8 thousand rubles ($ 121.9) instead of 50 thousand rubles ($ 762.3) required by Ritual.

On February 21, Plotnikova could not bury her husband due to the intervention of unidentified persons and left for Tolyatti, her home. On the same day, a coffin with the deceased stood on the square in front of the Samara government for about half an hour, but the officials did not go out to talk to the performance artist. The police are checking what happened.



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