Samara Governor presented deputies food packages with vodka

Samara Governor presented deputies food packages with vodka
Merkushin gave deputies product-vodka sets Photo:

About 30 million rubles are spent on New Year's presents.

In Samara, on the eve of the New Year a scandal runs high around gifts received from Governor Nikolay Merkushkin by deputies of district councils. Parliamentarians were handed food packages with vodka and greeting cards, said the edition Zasekin.

The food set included vodka, sausage, cheese, condensed milk and candies. All products are Samara or Mordovian production (note that Merkushin is a native of Mordovia). In addition, there was a greeting card with Nikolay Merkushkin signature, where the Governor thanked deputies for all that they did "for people in the welfare and prosperity of the native land."

Gifts cost the tens of millions of rubles. Zasekin notes that, in June, at the expense of the regional manager's budget the Governor purchased more than 7000 food packages with vodka and 8000 sets with sparkling wine. The initial value of the contract amounted to 26.2 million rubles. However, people's choices did not appreciated gifts with products and liquors.

According to NTV, Samara deputies decided to give their gifts to the poor.

"The Governor, instead of gifting the children, began to lavish deputies with presents," - said Parliamentarian Council of deputies in the Kirov region Vladimir Bryaza. People's choice noted that presents were handed over not in a festive atmosphere, but deputies were called to the office one by one.

"If they believe that we have thus lure, I do not need. The budget is bulging at the seams," - said Igor Toshev, the member of the Board of Deputies in the Kirov region.

Head of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushin stated in a letter to the deputies and the people of the region the need to reduce state authorities expenses. According to him, several provincial departments and municipal administrations did not reduced their expenses, but, on the contrary, increased them. In particular, according to Merkushkin, about 1 billion rubles needed to save to the Samara Administration.



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