Russky Produkt accused of bankrolling Right Sector

Russky Produkt accused of bankrolling Right Sector
Olga Mirimskaya

A certificate of acknowledgement was found at co-owner's assistant's for the allocation of funds to a Ukrainian organization banned in Russia.

The day before investigators of the Investigative Committee (ICR) Directorate for the Southern District of Moscow, accompanied by the police and special forces of Rosgvardia, conducted searches in the central office of BKF bank in Krasnaya Presnya, as well as in the house of its co-owner Olga Mirimskaya, who also heads Russky Produkt Company, and one of her assistants, located in the elite village of Nikolina Gora on Rublevskoe highway. As reported by Kommersant, the searches resulted in Kalashnikov assault rifle being confiscated from Mirimskaya (her representatives claim that this was a maquette).

The reason for the interest of law enforcement officers, according to the publication, was an expression of gratitude to Mirimskaya for active assistance to Right Sector (far-right Ukrainian nationalist political party), information about which was published on the official website of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists banned in Russia. It is also noted that, according to some Ukrainian media reports, the entrepreneur also received a special medal For dignity and patriotism from nationalist block Order and Prosperity. Given this, she can be accused of Financing the Activity of an Extremist Community (Article 282.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

At the same time, the representative of Mirimskaya claims that she was deliberately compromised by ill-wishers – they posted the information on the site paying several thousand dollars for this, and the gratitude certificate found at her assistant's could have just been put stealthily as that search was not sanctioned by anybody and was conducted without witnesses. Therefore, the entrepreneur's party even applied to the ICR, demanding that a criminal case be brought against the participants of the search for Violation of the Inviolability of the Home (Art. 139 of the Criminal Code).

At the same time Mirimskaya's office explained that the real cause of the investigative actions could be a criminal case, initiated as early as 2015 on Bribe-giving (Art. 291 of the Criminal Code). However, it was not explained to the lawyers of Mirimskaya to whom and for what it was intended. According to Kommersant, this may refer to a remuneration allegedly paid to employees of the judicial system for resolving certain issues.

It is known that Mirimskaya has financial interests in the Crimea, financing the construction of elite residential complex Richelieu Chateau in Gurzuf, which her ex-husband, formerly YUKOS executive official, Alexei Golubovich claims. Now the couple is in the process of dividing the property.

In addition, Golubovich holds 20% of shares in BFK bank. At the same time, he believes that he was illegally suspended from participation in the work of the credit institution. Therefore, the environment of Mirimskaya do not exclude that a new investigation and check can be conducted at the instigation of Golubovich.

Their divorce proceedings have lasted since 2012. Several years ago, Mirimskaya sued Golubovich for the right to own a detached house in London worth $10 million. Then the British journalists that kept track of the trial wrote that the ex-spouses "became the first foreign dynasty, two generations of which turned to English courts for help in divorce proceedings". A little earlier, their son, Ilya, also went into litigation with his ex-wife in London, who eventually received $4.5 million from the heir of the oligarch.



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