Russian woman douses Nicaraguan priest with acid

Russian woman douses Nicaraguan priest with acid

The woman was shouting that the police "would do nothing to her anyway."

A Russian citizen doused a priest with acid in a Nicaraguan church after she had confessed to him, La Prensa says in a report.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, December 5th. A woman named Alice Leonidovna Gonn tossed sulfuric acid at Father Mario Guevara in the cathedral of Managua. He was hospitalized with burns of the eyes, face and body. The parishioners who witnessed the attack provided the priest with first aid - they took off his acid-damaged clothes and took the man to the hospital. They also detained the woman before the police arrived. According to one of the eyewitnesses, the offender behaved as if she was “possessed,” and shouted that the police “would do nothing to her anyway.”

The publication notes that the attack happened three days after Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega accused Catholic priests of participating in an anti-state collusion and helping the protests that swept the country in April 2018.

The public unrest in Nicaragua began after the government proposed increasing employers’ and employees’ deductions to social insurance funds. The protests escalated into riots, which killed more than 350 people.



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