Russian swimmer threatens to cut up Rosgvardiya director in 100 pieces

Russian swimmer threatens to cut up Rosgvardiya director in 100 pieces
Viktor Soldatov

Viktor Soldatov offered a swimming-pool as a place for the duel.

Viktor Soldatov, a bronze medallist of the World Aquatics Championships in the Masters category who is also a volunteer at Alexey Navalny’s team has challenged a director of Rosgvardiya (Russia’s Federal National Guard Troops Service) Viktor Zolotov to a duel in case the latter refuses to take part in political debates against the member of the opposition.

Soldatov recorded the speech and posted the video on his Facebook page. The athlete stated that he wants to support Navalny who is “good at solving crimes of corruption.” Soldatov added that he would prefer to see Zolotov who has an army background competing for the member of the opposition during the political debates and not in the ring.

If Rosgvardiya director does not surrender his ambitions to make mincemeat of Navalny, Soldatov is ready to demonstrate to what extent nonwinning Zolotov would look like in a swimming-pool competing him - Soldatov.

“You’ll be like sardines in a can! You’ll be like dressed herring against me!” He said to Zolotov adding that he is going to cut up Rosgvardiya director in 100 pieces.

It is to be recalled that the day before, Zolotov - in response to Anti-Corruption Foundation’s investigation on violations regarding procurement of food at Rosgvardiya - recorded a video message where he challenged Navalny to a duel. Rosgvardiya Director threatened to beat Navalny to jelly.



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