Russian snowboarding champion shot in Los Angeles

Russian snowboarding champion shot in Los Angeles
Dmitry Koltsov

The suspect is also charged with killing a policeman and robbery.

In the United States, Rhett McKenzie Nelson, 30, was accused of killing Russian snowboarding champion Dmitry Koltsov and attempted murder of a man standing next to the athlete. The offender missed, and the person near Koltsov was not injured. The Russian died at the scene, reports.


Rhett Mackenzie Nelson

On June 10, in Los Angeles, Koltsov was shot from a nearby car. The offender fled and an hour later put a bullet in the head of the district deputy sheriff Joseph Solano. The policeman died two days later. At the time of the attack, Solano was no wearing the uniform and the badge, and the killer might not have known who he was shooting at.

On the day of the murder, the shooter also robbed a gas station and a supermarket. The media wrote that the defendant left home with a gun in late May, and also had problems with drugs. Nelson faces a life sentence or death penalty.

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