Russian shoots friend for kicking his dog

Russian shoots friend for kicking his dog

The friends drank alcohol while fishing.

In the Kemerovo Region, a previously convicted 46-year-old resident of Belovo lost his life for kicking a friend’s dog. The dog’s owner quarreled with the friend, grabbed a hunting rifle and fired several times. The wounded man died at the scene, the press service of the regional ICR reported.

Local residents found the body was found on September 8 in the Tashtagol District. Investigators found out that the man disappeared after he went fishing with two friends. Soon they were detained. A 41-year-old resident of Novokuznetsk, previously convicted, confessed to the murder; the investigation charged him and forwarded the criminal case to the court.

As the accused claims, before the quarrel he and his friends drank alcoholic beverages. The resident of Novokuznetsk showed the investigators a garage in which he parked the victim’s car and where he left his gun.



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