Russian Post exposed gang of internet scammers

Russian Post exposed gang of internet scammers

According to investigative bodies, there are currently five defendants in the criminal case of the Internet crime group.

In Moscow, Russian Post employees have exposed a gang of swindlers, who used to sell various gadgets and computers at low prices via Internet. After receiving the money for the goods, the gang of swindlers sent bricks, faceted glasses, and bottles of water to the customers, depending on the purchase’s weight.

Since the beginning of 2017 alone, the swindlers caused damage exceeding 6 million rubles (103 thousand dollars) to citizens who wished to save money.

As reported by the postal operator's press service, "Russian Post security officers together with representatives of law enforcement agencies have identified and disrupted the activity of a stable crime group in Moscow, the members of which had deceived thousands of Russians for tens of millions of rubles."

As it turned out, the gang of scammers would constantly open up online shops for the sale of computers, office equipment, cell phones, and other gadgets. At the same time, they had lower than the average prices, which attracted a large number of buyers. On average, each of their online shops existed for less than one month – and this time was enough for them to collect a large number of orders for millions of rubles from gullible customers.

Then, instead of the purchased gadgets and office equipment, ordered by the customers who opted for cash on delivery shipping, they sent parcels with bricks, bottles of water and faceted glasses, depending on the weight of purchase.

After the citizens received a box of bricks, they complained to post employees. As a result, the federal postal operator’s security officers found that all items were sent from Moscow; the parcels were always sealed and had no inventory of goods attached. 

Then, the Russian Post's security service referred the personal data of citizens who regularly received cash on delivery for the parcels to the law enforcement bodies. As a result, one of the suspects was detained right in the post office immediately after receiving the money for another ‘box of bricks.’

There are now at least five suspects in this case of swindling. The amount of damage caused through their actions is tens of millions of rubles. Investigation into the criminal case continues.



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