Russian Ombudswoman takes charge in persecuted by Chechens gay’s case

Russian Ombudswoman takes charge in persecuted by Chechens gay’s case
Maxim Lapunov

The Ombudswoman requested Investigative Committee’s materials upon the examinations conducted in this case.⁠

Tatyana Moskalkova, the human rights Ombudswoman under the President of the Russian Federation, requested the Investigative Committee to check the results of polygraph test of Omsk resident Maxim Lapunov, who had previously stated about the persecution and torture of gays in Chechnya. RIA Novosti reports this.

Moskalkova said that she received additional materials on this application and is now studying them. According to her, it is necessary to provide all conditions for investigation. If the offense is indeed committed, those who committed it will be prosecuted, the Ombudswoman said.

The Ombudswoman also noted that she did not receive any other complaints about the persecution of gays in Chechnya.

This week, resident of the Omsk region Maxim Lapunov gave a press conference in Moscow, during which he told that in March 2016 he was illegally detained in Grozny. According to him, the main charge that was brought to him by the police was his homosexual orientation. Lapunov said that he was beaten in the police and interrogated about gay men he knew. After several days of torture, he was released, but they forced him to fingerprint on weapons and sign unknown papers.

Lapunov also said that he applied to Moskalkova's office, but received no reply.

Novaya Gazeta reported on the massive persecution of gays in Chechnya in April this year. According to the newspaper, illegal detentions, torture and extrajudicial executions of people of homosexual orientation are taking place in the Republic. This information has caused a wide public response around the world. The authorities of Chechnya called the Novaya Gazeta reports slander and provocation.



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