Russian nuclear 'Dead Hand' called useless against the United States

Russian nuclear 'Dead Hand' called useless against the United States
Russia has no enough nuclear deterrence Photo:

Moscow has to abandon the doctrine of a retaliatory counter-strike.

The Russian Perimeter automatic control system for a massive nuclear retaliatory strike aka 'Dead Hand,' is unlikely to be useful in the event of a global conflict with the United States. This view was expressed by former chief of the General Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces (1994-1996), Colonel-General Viktor Evsin.

In an interview with the Zvezda weekly, the General who took part in negotiations with the United States on reducing nuclear arsenals noted that the Perimeter system had been improved and is still functioning.

But Russia has little money for a retaliatory counter-strike: there will be only missiles that will 'survive' after the first strike of the aggressor.

The expert added that if American medium-range ballistic missiles are deployed in Europe, which is prohibited by the terms of the current treaty (the US declared its intention to withdraw from the agreement, MK), Washington will be able to quickly destroy the missile forces in the European part of Russia, and smashed its missile defense system.

However, the General believes that Moscow could quickly launch the production of medium-range missiles, for example, based on the first two stages of the three-stage Yars. However, Evsin called hypersonic weapons the most effective arms.

“But frankly, we do not yet have an effective response to US medium-range missiles in Europe,” the General noted. In his opinion, if the Americans nevertheless deploy their medium-range missiles, Moscow will have to abandon the doctrine of retaliatory counter-strike.

US President Donald Trump announced the intention of withdrawing from the INF Treaty in October, referring to the arms buildup between Russia and China.

The treaty was signed between the USSR and the USA in 1987 and provided for a ban on the production, testing and deployment of ground-based ballistic and cruise missiles of medium (from 1000 to 5500 kilometers) and short (from 500 to 1000 kilometers) range, and also obliged the parties to destroy all available installations.

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