"Russian LGBT Network has its own FSB agents." Chechen passes as refugee that left Russia amid gays' persecution 

"Russian LGBT Network has its own FSB agents." Chechen passes as refugee that left Russia amid gays' persecution
Photo: Youtube

Youtube hosting posts a video with a young man that presents himself Zelimkhan Akhmadov; he claims that he left Chechnya because of unemployment and calls not to believe in "lie that news editions published." Zelikhman Akhmadov insists that this is his cousin.

The father of 20-year-old Chechen native Zelimkhan Akhmadov, who left the republic because of gays’ persecution, tried to pass his cousin off as his son, Igor Kochetkov, the Russian LGBT Network director, told Fontanka.

In early July, Novaya Gazeta reported that Akhmadov had gone to St. Petersburg, where unknown people tried to kidnap him. Later, the attackers were detained, but the police did not determine corpus delicti, as the police found out that the young man had arranged the meeting with his father, Eli Akhmadov.

Later Youtube hosting posted a video "Akhmadov Zelimkhan Elievich." A young man who introduces himself as Zelimkhan urges, "not to believe in the lie that these news editions published." He says that he had never addressed human rights activists, and was detained together with his father for "unclear reasons."

The hero of the video also accuses the Russian LGBT network of using his name for their purposes. When asked how the LGBT network learned about his fate and the cities he visited, he replies: "I think through the Federal Security Service. The LGBT movement has their agents."

The young man on the video looks constrained, and it seems that he reads out a pre-prepared speech.

On August 13, Eli Akhmadov addressed Fontanka, he also wanted to refute information about his son's sexual orientation and shared his version of the July events. He later prohibited publishing the interview but gave the journalists talk with the young man from the video released.

The interlocutor of Fontanka said that he left Chechnya because of unemployment and once again denied information about his sexual orientation. The edition turned to the director of the Russian LGBT Network.

Igor Kochetkov said that Zelimkhan Akhmadov who was taken out of Chechnya by the organization is in contact with them. Kochetkov stated that it is his cousin, not Zelimkhan. He resent messages from Akhmadov to Fontanka to prove his words.

Zelimkhan's father rejected this version. According to him, the sons of his sisters do not look like a person in the video. He suggested comparing the record on Youtube with the footage that Zelimkhan Akhmadov recorded on July 13, the day of the abduction. On the video, he addresses his relatives from Chechnya, asks not to worry, and says that he is "alive and well."

Novaya Gazeta reported about the persecution of gays in Chechnya in the spring of 2017. The authorities of the republic deny this information.



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