Russian investigators detect extremism in the Old Testament

Russian investigators detect extremism in the Old Testament

According to linguists, it demonstrates "inferiority propaganda" based on religious affiliation.

Employees of Vyatka State University found extremism in a phrase verbatim quoting a psalm from the Old Testament. According to 7x7 citing lawyer Yan Chebotarev, the literature was seized from the Jehovah's Witnesses*.

According to documents, the experts found signs of extremism in the phrase "But the just shall inherit the land, and shall dwell therein for evermore." This is a quote from Psalm 36:29, the Old Testament. According to linguists, "inferiority propaganda" based on religious affiliation is covered here.

“There is an informing of the object - the unrighteous - about the possibility of using violent acts - death, a clear demonstration of a dismissive (contemptuous, aggressive) attitude towards a group of people based on religious affiliation. There is an opposition of the audience based on friends and strangers, a call for an act of physical aggression in the form of causing death to unrighteous,” the examination says.

Linguists concluded that there are calls for action against people of a different faith, but there are neither calls for the destruction of anything, nor influencing the authorities.

“[The conclusion of the Kirov linguists] is unreasonable. They did not even try to substantiate their conclusions somehow; this is not an expert opinion. But, in my opinion, this only says that the law is moronic and barbaric,” Kirov lawyer Yan Chebotarev comments.

*The Jehovah's Witnesses Management Center in Russia (Jehovah's Witnesses) is an extremist organization banned in Russia.



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