Russian fan jumps in front of truck losing a bet 

Russian fan jumps in front of truck losing a bet
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The video kinda ‘Fatuity and Courage’ was posted in the Siloviki Telegram channel and went viral.

Videos showing Russian fans do crazy stuff losing bets placed on the win of the Russian national team at the World Cup hit the Internet. Among the "quit smoking," "work out harder" there was a video, where a young man jumps in a rushing multi-ton truck with a trailer. The video entitled ‘Fatuity and Courage’ was posted in the Siloviki Telegram channel and spread through other social networks.

As the correspondent of reports, at the beginning of the video, the young man says "When you lose a bet that the Russian national football team will qualify for the semi,” then runs out onto the highway before the rushing wagon. The fearless young man lies on the asphalt so that his body is set between the wheels of the truck, which does not hurt him.

When the last wheels fly over the stuntman's head, he quickly rolls to the side and remains alive. The dizzy element looks intimidating even more because the second wagon follows the truck. Fortunately, the young man does not fall under it. 

A lot of Russian fans placed a bet. The Yekaterinburg journalist argued 150.000 rubles, rapper T-Killah (Alexander Tarasov) made a tattoo RUSSIA. Someone promised to make a naked photoshoot, grow a Cherchesov’s mustache, marry, attend the World Cup in Qatar in Kokoshnik and even eat the skin from the heel. The Bank of Russia account promised to issue a coin in the face value of a half-ruble if the national team reached the semifinals.

Individual bets related to other participants of Mundial. For example, former presidential candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and president of the Moscow Region Farm named after Lenin Pavel Grudinin argued with leader of the LDPR party Vladimir Zhirinovsky on 100 kg of strawberries. They placed a bet on the outcome of Belgium v Brazil.

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party was on Belgium, and Grudinin - on Brazil. As a result, the Belgians overcame Brazil scoring twice (2:1).

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